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Cristina Tirado

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Areas of Interest: 

Global Health and Food Safety; food, water and nutrition security adaptation strategies to climate change; health impact assessment of agriculture and trade policies; risk-benefit analysis of food consumption and food production on health and environmental health

Cristina Tirado, DVM, MS, PhD is associated with the UCLA SPH Centers of Global Health and Immigrant Health and the Center of Public Health and Disasters. She has been involved on food, health an environment international research programs and policy making with the UN, governmental and non-governmental int?l organizations and at the university in Europe, Central Asia, North Africa, Middle East, South Asia and the Americas. Dr. Tirado has been assisting governments of more than 70 countries in the development of their food safety and nutrition programs, emergency preparedness and response plans and the establishment of institutional and legal frameworks for Biosecurity. She has been WHO Food Safety Regional Adviser for Europe and previously she coordinated the WHO Surveillance Program for Foodborne diseases in Europe at the WHO/FAO Collaborating Center at Federal Institute for Risk Assessment in Berlin. She is currently focused on addressing the challenges of Climate Change to health, food and nutrition security. She has been contributing author of the Health Chapter of the 4th assessment report (AR4) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and she developed key policy documents for the High Level FAO Conference on Climate Change, Food Security and Bioenergy which have lead to several publications and an on-going book. She participated in the international WHO/European Commission (EC) research projects on "Climate Change and Adaptation Strategies for Human health" and on "Climate, environment and health action plans and information systems". Currently she is contributing to the chapter on Agriculture and Health for the WHO book "Health in a Green Economy" for the next Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP 16) and she is coordinating the preparation a position paper of the "UN Standing Committee for Nutrition" that will be presented at the COP16. Cristina Tirado is a DVM and she obtained her Master and PhD degrees on Environmental Sciences from Cornell University, NY. 

Selected Publications: 

Tirado M.C., Cohen M.J., Aberman N.L., Meerman, J. and B. Thompson. Addressing the Challenges of Climate Change and Biofuel Production on Food and Nutrition Security. Journal for Food Research International 2010; . 


Tirado, M.C., Clarke, R., Jaykus L.A., McQuatters-Gollop, A., and J. M. Frank. 2010 Climate Change and Food Safety: a review. Journal of Food Research International 2010; . 


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