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3 ways to get better at networking

Meeting and talking to people in the industry or company you want to work for is a great way to get your foot in the door. More than 50% of all jobs filled in the US in 2012 were from referrals of current employees. So how do you get better at networking?
Be interesting. Other people will want to talk to you when they think they can learn a few things by doing so. Meeting people can do nothing for you if you yourself have nothing to offer.
Collect more business cards than you hand out. Put the ball in your court, collect their information and be the one to contact them. You need their help breaking into the industry, not necessarily the other way around.
Join clubs. Find clubs for people in your industry, be active and meet as many people as possible. You’ll have a much better chance of building a relationship that could lead to a job.

Today's tip is based on an excerpt from "7 Ways to Network Effectively" from the Evisors blog.

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