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How to Avoid the "Presenter's Paradox" During Job Interviews

Psychologists have only recently uncovered, named, identified and classified this issue as an interview killer. A job candidate is the "presenter." The "paradox" is the candidate's willingness to offer presumed beneficial, helpful information that the interviewer judges as justifiable reasons to eliminate a candidate for an open position.The insidious effect of presenter's paradox is so pervasive because it makes sense and natural. The best way to avoid this terminal error, according to PhD. Halvorson, is to focus on the big picture. Eyes on the prize. Understand what the interviewer wants: To add value to the employer.Think of your qualifications as a complete package. Just as there is no perfect product, there is no perfect candidate. You must not risk introducing any perceived negative or irrelevant qualifications to keep your "suitability average" at its peak.

~Kelly Services

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