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Internships Vs. Externships

#1 - Externships are shorter than internships - Internships are longer in duration and can last anywhere from 2-3 months, a semester, and in some cases an entire year. Externships, on the other hand, are for a considerably shorter length of time - sometimes just a few weeks.

#2 - Externships are more observational - Students serving as interns will be given meaningful projects, be assigned responsibilities, and work deadlines and expectations. Externships, however, are generally considered job shadowing opportunities. Students are typically just observing, exploring and asking questions.

#3 - Externships can lead to internships - A student participating in an externship can possibly be hired for an internship within the same company. So externship students should approach this job-shadowing opportunity with the same amount of professionalism, and commitment they would demonstrate with an internship.

Both internships and externships are great opportunities for students to gain valuable exposure into their chosen profession, and both offer benefits that can help students make good career choices. In summary, an externship can lead to an internship, and an internship can lead to a job.

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