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Prepare Your Own Questions

First, understand the focus of a job interviewer. They want to learn as much about your skills as they do about your personality and potential "fit" for their company. They are not the "evil empire" or people wanting to do you psychological harm. They want to recommend you for or eliminate you from consideration for the available job.

Help them out. By helping them, you're helping yourself stand out from the competition for the job you want. Interviewers typically have a menu of questions they must ask to get the information they need. However, as Ford R. Myers, writing for Job, points out, there are some questions you should ask to improve your knowledge and perception as the candidate they want.

What can you tell me about the job duties and responsibilities?

Where do you foresee this position going in the next five years?

How can I become a valuable contributor to the company?

Asking intelligent questions at an interview establishes you as a well-prepared, interested, sincere, and articulate candidate.

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