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Use Social Media to Improve your Employment Value

Instead of viewing social media, except for its tantalizing marketing opportunities, as a troubling development, many businesses now employ these sites as screening tools. While the final legality of using social media for staff monitoring or pre-employment screening has yet to be determined, thousands of employers, large and small, are taking advantage of the features.

Pre-employment background checks. Thousands of employers now use social networking sites to conduct “unofficial” background and character evaluations of potential employees. While LinkedIn is the most popular “professional” networking site for employees and entrepreneurs, employers also visit much more “casual” Facebook and MySpace pages, as well. Workers seeking new employment are wise to monitor their entries on these sites.

For example, you may create a highly professional LinkedIn career-oriented site, impressing potential employers and peers alike. However, if your Facebook page contains photos of beach beer parties and you dancing on bar tables, you will lose all the goodwill and respect you created on LinkedIn. Once you are beyond high school or college age, you should remember that social media sites are available to all—even current and potential future employers.

~Kelly Services Career Tips

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