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Alumni Making a Difference in Public Health

Featured Stories

Captain James Terbus
Alumnus (MPH '05) establishes a career dedicated to building interest and action in public health preparedness and response.
Dr. Arthur Southam
Alumnus (MPH ’84, MD, MBA) works with leaders throughout the Kaiser Permanente program to serve its member and communities.
Alumna (MPH ’96, PhD ’07) positioned to help lead collaborations between government and community in Los Angeles.
Dr. Claire Brindis
Alumna (MPH ’73, DrPH) focuses on translating research and program evaluation into policy.
Dr. Cris Liban
Alumnus (D.Env ’03) fills role in governance to serve L.A. communities.
Dr. Eric Handler
Alumnus (MPH ’85) undertakes the issue of food insecurity in a county known for its affluence, yet suffering from poor access to food.
Alumnus (MPH ’73, PhD '80) continues to dedicate his career to improving quality care for patients.
Dr. Linda Chan
Alumna (MS ’67, PhD ’70) combats the inconsistencies of peer review systems in healthcare facilities.
Dr. Martin with First Lady Michelle Obama
Alumna (MPH '93, DrPH '98) fosters positive youth development, social inclusion, and the habits of mind students need for success in school and in life.
Alumnus (D.Env '94) has been moving research to impact in environmental health for decades.
Dr. Nuntavarn Vichit-Vadakan
Alumna (MPH ’81, DrPH ’87) founded the Faculty of Public Health in a long-established academic institution in Thailand.
Dr. Sarah Burgard
Alumna (MS ’03, PhD ’03) discovers the influence that work conditions have on the health of people and populations.
John Monahan
Alumnus (EMPH '00) continues his legacy of expanding health insurance coverage to underserved populations.
Ayako Utsumi
Alumna (MPH '95) utilizes her public health background to address the gaps in low income housing.
Ms. Kathryn Hall-Trujillo holding infant
Alumna (MPH ’76) dedicated to improving the birth outcomes for women of color.
Ms. Taraneh Salke
Alumna (MPH '03) informs national family planning policy in Afghanistan.