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Authoring a Timeless Book on the Principles and Methods of Epidemiologic Research

About the Book

  • A 2013 study, which looked at hundreds of books published since 1913 on epidemiological and statistical methods and concepts, found that Professor Emeritus Dr. Sander Greenland and colleagues’ seminal 1986 book Modern Epidemiology is one of the most popular books ever in the areas of epidemiology, biostatistics and related disciplines.
  • Modern Epidemiology ranked fourth out of 125 books studied. The study, which looked at books published between 1957 and 2010, ranked books according to the number of scientific and biomedical articles that cited, or referred to, each book.
  • The book has received 12,256 citations, an average of just over 490 per year. Only three books have received more citations.
  • In addition, unlike many of the most popular books, the number of scientific and biomedical articles each year that refer to Modern Epidemiology is increasing. This is a testament to the book’s timelessness as an eminent authority on the discipline of epidemiology.

Chart showing the popularity of Modern Epidemiology

Graph from:
Porta, Miquel et. al. “Trends in Citations to Books on Epidemiological and Statistical Methods in the Biomedical Literature.” PLOS One 8.5 (2013). Open Access Web. 10 Oct. 2013.

Sander Greenland