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Community Dissemination of an Evidence-based Colorectal Cancer Screening Intervention

About the Initiative

  • Filipino Americans have low rates of colorectal cancer (CRC) screening, late stage of diagnosis and poor survival relative to other racial/ethnic groups.
  • With funding from the American Cancer Society, this project provides technical assistance and training to Filipino American community-based organizations in Los Angeles to implement an evidence-based intervention to increase colorectal cancer screening among their members.
  • This project builds upon the interest of community-based organizations to actively promote CRC screening among their members, and the researchers’ prior work, which has demonstrated the effectiveness of small-group education, distribution of free FOBT kits and print materials, reminders, and letters to physicians to encourage them to screen their patients.
  • Activities include training community volunteers as health advisors to enable them to promote CRC screening to their constituents, as well as the implementation and scientifically rigorous comparison of two different dissemination strategies.
  • The study is currently implemented in approximately 20 community-based organizations and has trained about 100 community health advisors.


This project will allow researchers to identify what it takes to successfully integrate and maintain a CRC screening intervention into existing structures.

  • This step from discovery to delivery will be crucial to reach as many as 1.3 million Filipino Americans who need screening. The proposed dissemination approach has potential for broad reach within the Filipino American community and the knowledge gained in this study will also inform dissemination strategies to reduce the burden of cancer in other underserved groups.




Annette Maxwell