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FSPH Impact in Innovation and Discovery Throughout the Years

Throughout History, FSPH...

  • Conducts the first studies quantifying the number of Californians without health insurance, which shines a spotlight on a national problem. Faculty become active in helping to formulate policy options at the local, state and national levels for dealing with the issue.
  • In one of the first studies examining the impact of surgical treatment for breast cancer on quality of life , finds that women who have had a mastectomy vs. breast conservation surgery (lumpectomy) recover at the same rate but express more difficulties with body image.
  • Conducts the first study to establish that chronic exposure to oxidant and primary pollutants found in Los Angeles leads to reduced pulmonary function in children and adults, providing evidence-based data supporting stricter anti-pollution regulations.

"Demonstrates early in the AIDS epidemic how HIV-related immune deficiency is transmitted among homosexual men, a discovery that has prevented millions of infections."

  • Establishes a link between traffic-related air pollution and preterm births, low birth weight, pre-eclampsia and cardiac birth defects.
  • Lester Breslow is editor-in-chief of the first-ever Encyclopedia of Public Health, a four-volume set, published in 2001, that has found worldwide use.
  • Identifies the biological markers that may predict diabetes in healthy people In the first study examining air pollution from traffic and a number of rarer childhood cancers, establishes a potential link between auto pollution and some childhood cancers.
  • The Oxford Textbook of Public Health (editions 1-5), the definitive book on global public health, is edited by Roger Detels.
  • Finds that pesticide exposure increases the risk of Parkinson's disease.
  • Shows that people living or working near major freeways are exposed to 30 times the concentration of dangerous particles from motor vehicles.
  • Faculty show that chronic exposure to air pollutants is associated with compromised growth of respiratory capacity in children, and with irreversible changes in lung function in adults.
  • Finds SARS death rates double in cities with poor air quality.
  • Demonstrates early in the AIDS epidemic how HIV-related immune deficiency is transmitted among homosexual men, a discovery that has prevented millions of infections.
  • UCLA School of Public Health faculty go on to lead international efforts to control the spread of the disease, particularly in China, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, and other areas of Southeast Asia.
  • Establishes that the association between television viewing and childhood obesity is directly related to children's exposure to junk food commercials.
  • Challenges the presumption that an only child grows up feeling isolated. Rather, only children are found to have a clear social advantage - deflating notions that they are more isolated, less involved in extracurricular activities, and less liked.
  • Presents evidence that green tea helps to prevent chronic gastritis.