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Global Health

Our approach to global health is multidisciplinary, integrating social, behavioral, cultural, biologic, epidemiologic, economic and political aspects of health. Learn more about our impact in global health below.

Featured Stories

Boy with sibling Rwanda
Faculty at FSPH are actively involved in efforts around the world to build public health capacity
Photo of tobacco farming in fields
Curbing tobacco production through a successful crop-substitution initiative in collaboration with farmers in Yunnan province, China
Arturo Vargas-Bustamante
Well before the U.S. passed the Affordable Care Act, Dr. Arturo Vargas-Bustamante was part of his country’s successful effort to move toward universal health coverage
Exploring how children are affected by widespread use of pesticides in rural Argentina, with a view to influencing policy
25 years of assisting developing countries in controlling the AIDS epidemic by providing research training for health professionals and technical staff
Working to improve the quantity and quality of globally comparative policy data available to government leaders, citizens, civil society, and researchers around the world on policies affecting human health, development, well-being, equity, and the economy