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Improving Access, Counseling, and Treatment for Californians with Prostate Cancer

About the Initiative

  • IMPACT provides free high-quality prostate cancer treatment to low-income, uninsured men in California.  
  • Funded by a contract with the California Department of Health Care Services, IMPACT is administered by the UCLA Department of Urology under the direction of Dr. Mark S. Litwin and Dr. James Orecklin.   
  • Since its inception in 2001, IMPACT has been awarded more than $85 million in state funding to provide prostate cancer treatment services to eligible men. 
  • IMPACT is the first and only program of its kind and is affiliated with more than 700 medical providers located throughout the state of California.
  • In addition to paying for treatment services, IMPACT promotes increased self-efficacy, knowledge, and health literacy through its Clinical Team model, in which each patient is paired with a Nurse Case Manager to assist with care coordination and management.
  • Through the UCLA Men’s Health Study, where more than 5,000 patient research questionnaires have been collected, Dr. Mark Litwin and colleagues gather data and conduct groundbreaking research on prostate cancer, treatment options, and quality of life in this traditionally disadvantaged and hard to reach patient population. 


To date, more than 2,000 men have been enrolled and received life-saving prostate cancer treatment services under the IMPACT Program. 

  • Through the grass root efforts of prostate cancer advocates led by the California Prostate Cancer Coalition, IMPACT was made a permanent program in 2005, with the passage of Legislation (SB 650 – Ortiz (D)).  
  • Policy analysis examining alternative health care delivery models for prostate cancer treatment in California proved IMPACT to be cost-effective. 
  • The literature speaks to IMPACT’s successes in cultivating patient self-efficacy so that men can successfully navigate the healthcare system and reduce distress, irrespective of any disparities in access to resources and baseline knowledge.
  • IMPACT’s success in improving access to care for disadvantaged men suggests quality care, including value-added educational and support services, can be delivered to low-income men with prostate cancer in an efficient manner.     

Additional Information

For additional information about the IMPACT Program, visit the program's website.  Research and publication information is available here.

For information on the IMPACT Program, contact:
Mary Zavala, MSW, MPP, MA
Program Administrator, IMPACT
PH: 310-794-2480

For information on the UCLA Men’s Health Study, contact:
Sarah Connor, MPH, CHES
Research Manager, UCLA Department of Urology
PH: 310-794-2513


Mark Litwin