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Instant Recess®: On the Move


  • Started in the 1990s, Instant Recess® is an evidence-based model designed to improve health and productivity by incorporating 10-minute physical activity in the form of low-impact dance movements.
  • It was designed by the late Dr. Antronette (Toni) Yancey, to be fun, accessible for people of all fitness levels, and easily integrated various settings.

"For many people – especially in lower-income communities where park space is scarce and the neighborhood might not be safe – the outside environment isn't always conducive to physical activity. Instant Recess® can be done inside, and it doesn't require a lot of space or a fitness room." -Dr. Toni Yancey


  • The benefits to those who have adapted Instant Recess® and similar approaches into their schools and work environments include: increased productivity, energy, speed and accuracy in accomplishing daily tasks, morale & positive behavior, academic performance and a decrease in injuries, risk of chronic disease, medical costs, and absenteeism.
  • Instant Recess® materials have been purchased by organizations in 47 states and in 10 foreign countries. It has partnerships with professional athletes and teams that promote the Instant Recess model, both within sports venues and in outreach to schools and other youth-serving programs.
  • The concept of Instant Recess® has been adopted by First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign, for which Dr. Yancey was an advisor.
  • Instant Recess® is used in a variety of settings – from schools and churches to workplaces and day care facilities - in states across the nation and abroad. It is now offered on the UCLA campus through UCLA Healthy Campus Initiative – Health Champions