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The Southwest Regional Public Health Training Center (SRPHTC)

About the Initiative

  • Established in the Fall of 2010, SRPHTC works to enhance the competency of the public health workforce in California, Utah, and Nevada.
  • SRPHTC conducts workshops and trainings for public health professionals in its region, has built an online Learning Management System to enhance its teaching and training efforts, has pioneered an Emerging Leader Workshop Series in its region, runs a student MPH field studies program, and is engaged in collaborative projects that bridge academia and public health practice.
  • The region covered by SRPHTC is vast and varied.  Collectively, California, Utah, and Nevada account for 14% of the total U.S. population.  These states and their territories have large urban centers as well as a number of geographically isolated rural and frontier counties.  Their populations are among the most ethnically diverse in the country.  As a result, population health needs, as well as workforce access to training within the SRPHTC region, are quite varied.
  • As part of its focus on conducting in-depth training, not merely brief training, most of the Center’s trainings are full-day workshops, often as part of a series.
  • The Center often adapts its trainings to meet the needs of local health departments: This allows for the capacity of entire departments to be enhanced, not merely the capacity of a few people within a department.



As a result of its combined efforts, SRPHTC is contributing to reaching medically underserved populations as well as Native American populations in order to increase access to competent care and meet health needs.

  • Between July of 2012 and June of 2013, 709 public health professionals attended one or more of 27 live in-person trainings through SRPHTC, with training contact hours totaling 4,310.
  • Additionally, approximately 425 trainees received online asynchronous or live webinar trainings.
  • 132 professionals with licenses or certifications requested and received official CE credits for CPH, CHES, MCHES, REHS, or BRN.




Kimberley Shoaf

Kimberley Shoaf

Cathy Lang