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Student Impact

Featured Stories

Alison Winje
Through her participation in various federal projects at the White House, EHS student Alison Winje realizes that a collaborative effort is essential in solving environmental issues.
Claudia Gilmore
CHS student Claudia Gilmore's personal experience with prevention intrigues her to seek a larger impact in the world of prevention.
Dirna Mayasari
CHS student Dirna Mayasari's summer spent in Indonesia and Myanmar expands her skill set in addressing emergency public health and reminds her of the quintessential values of humanitarian work.
Janell Moore
CHS student Janell Moore's fieldwork experience in Uganda enhances her perspective on public health and the many critical roles it plays in different settings and communities.
CHS student Jenna Arzinger aims to promote health by working with the formerly incarcerated population and helping them reintegrate into society.
Jennifer Xiong
CHS student Jennifer Xiong's personal identification with the Cambodian and Lao communities furthers her interests to complete her fieldwork targeting those communities and seeking to provide equitable services to all vulnerable populations.
Jesse Damon
CHS student Jesse Damon shares about the experience in American Samoa that prompted him to pursue an MPH, later intending to conduct further research on chronic diseases in low-income countries and immigrant communities in the U.S.
Josh Quint
From high school science teacher to MPH student in the Department of Epidemiology, Josh Quint shares how his field experience in Cambodia influenced his decision to enter the school's doctoral program and pursue his interests in HIV/AIDS.
Karla Gonzalez
CHS student Karla Gonzalez was inspired to become a doctor in medically underserved areas where physicians lacked the most, yet she realized that she also needed to acquire knowledge and skills in public health to be able to fully address the needs of the communities she hopes to serve.
Maria del Sol Rodriguez Avila
After seeing the many struggles that millions of people with health problems in Mexico have to endure when seeking care, HPM student Maria del Sol Rodriguez Avila felt the need to take action and make a difference in her homeland.
Melissa Medich
CHS student Melissa Medich shares the story behind her bold decision to make a career shift to public health, and how she is using her vast knowledge, skills and experiences to have an impact on public health .
Michelle Romero
Through her fieldwork experience in Mexico, PhD student Michelle Romero discovers the value of social interactions and teamwork as she aspires to concentrate her work on community-based research and environmental risk analysis.
Mike Stajura
PhD student Mike Stajura's shift to public health allows him to pursue a broader, yet encompassing pursuit of his interests in emergency management; thus, equipping him to truly have an impact on the community and how it responds to disasters.
Noelle Watanabe
EHS student Noelle Watanabe's childhood memories of her dad commenting on the L.A. smog and watching her mother and brother suffer from asthma triggered her initial interest in air pollution, and influenced her to pursue her studies in public health to solve the environmental health problems we face.
Paul Camarena
EHS student Paul Camarena embraces the great potential of collaborative work among different entities to seek the health capacity of farmworkers in the Northern California counties of Monterey and Santa Cruz.
Zuelma Esquivel
Epidemiology student Zuelma Esquivel was drawn to the field of public health because it incorporated the biological, social, and environmental factors that affect health which she personally witnessed through her family.