Emmett Keeler

Dr. Emmett B. Keeler is a professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management, a professor at the RAND graduate school and a senior mathematician at RAND. He joined RAND in 1968 after getting a Ph.D. in mathematics from Harvard. He led a large study to evaluate a new model for helping people with chronic diseases manage their health better. He directs a project that supplies cost-effectiveness analyses to a variety of UCLA geriatric interventions. In the RAND Health Insurance Experiment, he investigated the theoretical and empirical effects of alternative health insurance plans on episodes of treatment and on health outcomes. He taught at Harvard and the University of Chicago while on leave from RAND. He received article-of-the-year awards from the Association for Health Services Research for papers on outlier payments (1988), on the costs to others of bad health habits (1989), and on whether impoverished Medicare patients receive worse care in hospitals than do other patients (1994). He is the author or co-author of over 150 refereed articles, and 4 books. He won the distinguished investigator Award from the AcademyHealth and is an elected member of the Institute of Medicine. 

Areas of Interest

  • Chronic Disease Management

Selected Publications

  • Emmett Keeler, Jack M. Guralnik, Haijun Tian, Robert B. Wallace, David B. Reuben, The impact of functional status on life expectancy in older persons", Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci (2010) doi: 10.1093/gerona/glq029 

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