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Public Health Facilities is committed to quality support service to all departments and individuals in the school. In addition to the daily duties of package delivery and mail distribution, we also, upon request, provide keys, assist in office moves, and disseminate information. As needed, we serve as the liaison between a person or group working with campus facilities in the planning and coordination of a renovation, repair or troubleshooting project requiring specialized attention.

Disaster Plan Status

An administrative committee has been formed chaired by Associate Dean Kathleen Kiser comprising faculty and administrative staff, including members of the Center for Public Health and Disasters. This committee is currently writing a comprehensive plan for the School that will be implemented beginning Fall quarter. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel to email Associate Dean for Administration Kathleen Kiser at

Reporting Theft

Please report any thefts directly to your Departmental MSO. You will be required to complete and file a police report. The following is a list of the department MSOs and their contact information:


Ivonne Nelson - 310.825.5370

Community Health Sciences

Preethi Thomas - 310.825.5308

Environmental Health Sciences

Nancy Velasquez - 310.206.7950


Kathy Cheever - 310.825.8570

Health Services

Allison Kamerman - 310.825.0240

Trouble Calls

Please report any building problems (plumbing, water fountains, stairwells, janitorial issues, etc.) to the Dean's Office Administrative Assistant at 310.825.6381 or via email at Make sure to include the location (exact room number) and description of the problem. Please do not attempt to make repairs yourself. 

Posting Notices

Bulletin boards have been provided in the stairwells and elevator bays for the posting of official UCLA and School of Public Health notices. Postings must conform to UCLA regulation (Section IV-D). Any notices taped to walls or elevators will be promptly removed. Please direct all questions or concerns to the Dean's Office at 310.825.6381 or via email at

Requesting Use of FSPH Conference Rooms 

Policy - These rooms are available for use by School of Public Health faculty, staff and students. These rooms are not to be used for recurring classes, except for our executive programs. Otherwise, the rooms are to be used expressly for meetings, conferences and any other academic or administrative events.

Process - To check availability or to reserve either the Korn Conference Room or the Dean's Conference Room (DCR), please contact the Dean's Office Administrative Assistant at 310.825.6381 or via email at