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    • Dozens of 2014 mentors and mentees standing in a group

FSPH Alumni-Student Mentorship Program

The Mentor Program leverages the experiences, knowledge, and networks of our Fielding alumni committed to Public Health to provide current students individualized guidance, support, and advice as they grow their careers.  The program pairs students with an alum for the academic year.  Matches will be made based on shared professional interests and experiences. Mentors will be expected to meet with their mentees a minimum of three times throughout the academic year, though we encourage meeting more often if schedules permit. Mentees will also be required to attend an orientation session at the beginning of the program. Both the mentor and mentee will be required to sign a program participation agreement. We also encourage and recommend mentors and mentees to participate together in additional Fielding programs and public health related activities to meet other faculty, students, and alumni.

In 2018-19, we are expanding the Mentor Program. In addition to regular meetings between mentor/mentee pairs, we will be hosting a series of group mentorship sessions for participating student mentees. Changemakers and thought leaders in the field of public health will be invited to share their experience, leadership, and career insights directly with our student mentees. Only students registered in the mentorship program will have access to this exclusive experience. 


Please contact Megan Kanofsky at for additional questions.