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Student Affairs Office

The Student Affairs Office offers information and resources designed to attract and assist potential students with admission and to help current students with enrollment, advising, and degree program issues. Advising for specific program requirements is handled by the departmental Student Affairs Officers. In addition to student advising, the Student Affairs Office staff members oversee course scheduling, school-wide funding opportunities, the new student orientation, the annual awards ceremony, and graduation. The staff members also conduct recruitment and outreach activities at conferences, college fairs, and community-based outreach events.

Departmental Contacts


Roxy Naranjo

Community Health Sciences

Kathy Yi

Community Health Sciences Health Professionals Program

Porchia Toussaint

Environmental Health Sciences

Rebecca Greenberg

Azadeh Terceman


Joy Miller

Health Policy and Management

Anna Lim

EMPH Program in Health Policy and Management

Kyle Sullivan

Molecular Toxicology

Rebecca Greenberg