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Dr. Herrmann's Race Day Tips, Part 2

Two FSPH runners on a training run

FSPH reached out to Associate Director of the UCLA Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Equity (and seasoned runner) Dr. Alison Herrmann for some tips for runners preparing for the 2016 FSPH Race to Health. Dr. Herrmann ran the charity relay at the 2015 LA Marathon on March 15 in order to raise awareness about the health benefits of physical activity and to raise money for summer fieldwork fellowships for public health students. She was happy to pass on some of her favorite tips, which we've broken into two parts (you can read Part 1 here): 

PART II: On Race Day
"Pack a bag and include..."
  • Comfy shoes: Even if it is just a different pair of sneakers, you will be thrilled to take off your racing shoes!  I always bring flip flops.
  • Fresh clothes: Your clothes will be SWEATY and you will get cold if you leave them on.  I always change my top at least.
  • Some sort of face wash/makeup remover type cloths: I use them everywhere after the race.
  • More pain reliever (see below)
  • Fun post-race snack
  • Whatever else you think might make you happy and comfortable
  • If you can, have someone bring it for you to the finish line vs. checking in the bag check – which you’ll have to wait in line for. 
"In case of pain..."
  • I like to take a long lasting pain reliever before the race, as a precautionary measure (but please try this on a long run or two if you are planning to do it).
Last but not least... "Don’t go out too fast."
  • Everyone will tell you this, but it is VERY hard to heed this advice in your first race. It feels super exciting at the starting line, and you have lots of energy to burn. But GO SLOWER than you think you need to for the first couple of miles. Enjoy the fun of the crowd, talk to your friends and other racers, smile and wave at the cheering spectators, and save that energy for the last few miles of the race when you WILL need it!

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