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Building Resiliency Towards Climate Change in Los Angeles: A Collaborative Approach

Building Resiliency Towards Climate Change in Los Angeles: A Collaborative Approach

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Hilary Godwin, PhD
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Join us for our monthly Continuing the Conversation webinar, featuring UCLA Fielding School of Public Health faculty discussing the most critical issues in public health. The topic for April is:

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Building Resiliency Towards Climate Change in Los Angeles: A Collaborative Approach
Wednesday, April 15, Noon - 1:00pm PDT
Hilary Godwin, PhD
Professor, Department of Environmental Health Sciences
Associate Dean for Academic Programs
Fielding School of Public Health

Los Angeles County is both the most populous county in the United States and the most diverse. Angelenos' heavy reliance on water and energy is not sustainable today and will become increasingly impractical as climate change brings increasing temperatures, changes in precipitation patterns, and sea level rise over the next century. Climate change is also predicted to result in a wide range of health impacts which pose significant threats to everyone in the region, particularly individuals from vulnerable communities. In this webinar, we will discuss the importance of establishing regional partnerships in developing sustainable climate action plans and the role that public health professionals from both the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and UCLA are playing to help communities build resiliency towards climate change. 

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