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California Heath Interview Survey (CHIS) Data User Training

California Heath Interview Survey (CHIS) Data User Training

Thursday, December 9, 2021 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm
Virtual via Zoom
Peggy Toy, Health DATA Program Director, UCLA Center for Health Policy Research
Jacob Rosalez, Data Dissemination Manager, California Health Interview Survey (CHIS)
Event Contact 

Tiffany Lopes
(310) 794-0930

FSPH's UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, is committed to putting data into the hands of people who need it. CHIS, which is the nation's largest state health survey, is hosting a data user training webinar on Thursday, December 9, to demonstrate how to use CHIS' free online data tools to get data on a wide range of health topics across many sociodemographic factors.

The 90-minute training webinar will feature:

  • AskCHIS: an online health query system that allows you to search for health statistics on your county, region, and state.
  • AskCHIS Neighborhood Edition: a GIS search tool for health indicators by ZIP code, city, county, legislative district, and census tract. New data and four vulnerability indices at the census tract level released in 2021, including a Preexisting Health Vulnerability Index that captures risk of COVID-19 infection and death due to preexisting health conditions.
  • CHIS 2021 Preliminary COVID-19 Estimates Dashboard: preliminary monthly estimates from COVID-19 questions added to the 2021 CHIS, including risk reduction behaviors (wearing face coverings, following state and local guidelines, etc.), personal and financial impacts of the pandemic (job loss, trouble paying for basic necessities, etc.), and more, all searchable across a range of sociodemographic factors such as race/ethnicity, region, and income level.
  • Health Profiles: find quick and easy health statistics on adults and children for your county, region, legislative district, and more.

Whether you're a student or faculty member conducting research on racial and ethnic disparities in health insurance coverage, writing a paper on the impact of the pandemic on mental health across various groups, or examining the differences in asthma rates across various Los Angeles communities, CHIS has comprehensive data on a variety of health topics and behaviors.

The data in the statewide survey have been used in a wide array of assignments — from quick write-ups on a targeted health topic to dissertations to peer-reviewed journal articles. CHIS data are used by local, state, and national public health agencies, advocates, media, legislators, policymakers, community organizations, foundations, and researchers, and have been used to make informed decisions and ground dozens of important health initiatives.


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