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Public Health Student Association Presents: PHSA Banquet 2019

May 3, 2019

Please join us in celebration of all our hard work throughout the year! The Public Health Student Association (PHSA) is happy to announce its annual end of the year banquet on Friday, May 3, 2019 at the UCLA Carnesale Commons (Palisades Room). Join us for a night of dinner and dancing to celebrate with our cohorts! Please see the flyer below and the ticket registration link for more details. Get your tickets ASAP as we have Early Bird/Middle Bird/Late Bird specials!

Health Equity Faculty Candidate Presentation: Speaking Truth to Power: Intersectionality and mHealth as Pathways to Achieving Health Equity

April 3, 2019

The Fielding community is invited to attend a job seminar featuring Sean Arayasirikul, PhD. He is a candidate for the Jonathan and Karin Fielding Presidential Chair in Health Equity position. Dr. Arayasirikul will be speaking on “Speaking Truth to Power: Intersectionality and mHealth as Pathways to Achieving Health Equity.”

Dept. of Epidemiology: “Emerging Themes in Global Health Epidemiology” - A UCLA Alumni Day Activity

May 18, 2019

The Global Burden of Disease is taking a new face with obesity moving towards the top priorities in developing countries while diabetes, heart disease, and cancer are threatening the health care system in the developed world. Concurrently, infectious disease outbreaks remain a top priority in global health and big data are informing prevention and treatment alike. This symposium will feature highlights of global health epidemiology around the globe conducted by UCLA faculty, alumni, and students.

FSPH at the CSULA Public Health Graduate School Fair

April 8, 2019

Join FSPH at the Public Health Graduate School Fair at Cal State LA (CSULA).  Through this event you will have the opportunity to meet representatives from local public health schools and programs and learn more about admission requirements, academic options, and student life.

Dept. of Environmental Health Sciences Guest Seminar: The regional and urban air quality impacts from future fuel diversity in China

March 26, 2019

The increase in the on-road vehicle fleet in China has raised sustainability concerns regarding air pollution prevention, energy conservation, and climate change mitigation. The fuel diversity, such as promotion of electric vehicles and biofuels, has been considered as one the most promising policy options by government and the stakeholders. In this study, we developed comprehensive emission inventories with spatial, temporal, and fuel-cycle considerations to address the complicated emission changes for fuel diversity policies.

Dept. of Biostatistics Seminar: Semi-Markov Modeling of Disease Progression with Back-Transitions Using Panel Data - Application to Depression Remission

March 13, 2019

Semi-Markov modeling of discrete disease processes must address several challenges. Although the model is continuous-time, observations are typically made intermittently at routine patient visits resulting in panel data. Disease processes are not necessarily progressive and back-transitions may occur. High rates of censoring must be accounted for in the model, especially when using electronic health record data.

Life Course Intervention Research Network (LCI-RN) Seminar: Maternal Depression and the Intergenerational Transmission of Self-Regulation in a Nationally Representative Sample of American Families

March 14, 2019

Executive function (EF) is an aspect of self-regulation that allows children to exert control over their attention, cognition, and behavior over time and across changing contexts. A growing number of studies imply that strengthening EF and reducing behavior problems during early childhood can positively influence health and development throughout school and life. In fact, longitudinal research indicates that EF-related skills in kindergarten predict outcomes at age 25, including high school graduation, employment, and arrests.

Center for Healthier Children, Families & Communities: MCH Brown Bag

March 6, 2019

The Child and Family Health Leadership Training Program (CFHP) is hosting an MCH Brown Bag on Wednesday, March 6 at noon at CHS 16-032 Round Room. The brown bags series invites leaders in the maternal and child health to share their career path as well as hot topics in public health. Please bring your lunch and join us during this event where Avery Seretan, MPP will discuss how her passions drive her work in education equity and school readiness.

Center for Healthier Children and Families & Communities: Forging a Transformative Policy & Practice Agenda - Don't Look Back

March 15, 2019

Please join us for a conversation with Dr. Robert Ross, who will share innovative approaches in expanding access to quality health care and improving health in underserved communities. Dr. Ross will share how The California Endowment is tackling major health challenges through philanthropy, advocacy, and systemic change. He will answer questions, such as:


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