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Steven Wallace, PhD

Steven P. Wallace, PhD
Professor and Chair, Department of Community Health Sciences
Associate Director, UCLA Center for Health Policy Research

Aging can pose a number of challenges. Do older adults have enough income to make ends meet? Do they have adequate access to health care if they get sick and disabled? These are basic questions about economic and health security that are both public policy and personal questions. Answering the questions relies on how we conceptualize income and health security, and whether they are appropriate to the older population. In this webinar, Steve Wallace will look at the official measure of income insecurity (poverty) and a more accurate conceptualization (the Elder Index). He will also discuss what health security means for those with low incomes, with a focus on long-term care services that are not covered by Medicare. He will also discuss implications for society as the Baby Boom ages, as well as for your own retirement years.

Dr. Wallace is a leading national scholar in the area of aging in communities of color. He has published research on access to long-term care by diverse elderly groups, disparities in the consequences of health policy changes on racial/ethnic minority elderly, and the politics of aging.

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