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UCLA Anderson School of Management | VITALS 2022: "Solutions for All: The Path to Healthcare Equity"

UCLA Anderson School of Management | VITALS 2022: "Solutions for All: The Path to Healthcare Equity"

Friday, February 11, 2022 - 9:30am to 4:30pm
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Moderator: Jennifer McCaney, Professor, UCLA Anderson School of Management
Panelist: Anastasia Kasianchuk, Director & Head of Coaching, Gennev
Panelist: Tracy MacNeal, President & CEO, Materna
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Dheeraj Jalluri

This university-led annual conference brings together industry experts, thought leaders and alumni who are driving change in healthcare.

About the Event

Throughout this past year, social injustices and the COVID-19 pandemic have brought issues of health inequity to light. As a result, many leaders in the healthcare industry are increasingly focusing their efforts to ensure all socioeconomic backgrounds have access to affordable healthcare and education. These players are seeking solutions to disparities in every facet of healthcare, from femtech to large-scale diversity initiatives. Vitals 2022 will explore what it will take to move towards a future of equitable healthcare and examine where things currently stand.

Presented by UCLA Anderson School of Management's Healthcare Business Associate (HBA), the day-long event will feature multiple keynote speakers, networking opportunities, and interactive panel discussions exploring the most relevant aspects of healthcare today and in the future. 

Vitals 2022 will include the following panel discussions:

  • Femtech and women's health, moderated by Professor Jennifer McCaney and including Tracy MacNeal, President and CEO of Materna; and Anastasia Kasianchuk, Director and Head of Coaching at Gennev as panelists.
  • Diversity and inclusion in clinical research, a discussion on how health equity relates to clinical research and what is needed to move forward long-term.
  • The role of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare, a discussion on how AI may currently contribute to inequities in healthcare and how it has the potential to reverse this moving forward. Panelists will include Aalpen Patel, MD, MBA, FSIR, Medical Director for Artificial Intelligence; Geisinger and Steele Institute for Health Innovation; and Ogechi Nwoko, MD, MBA, Head of Business Development at Atman Health.
  • On-the-ground Operations required for achieving healthcare equity, a discussion focused on how a company can achieve results versus simply setting a strategy and vision for healthcare equity. Moderated by Professor Fernanda Bravo, panelists will include Alma De Jesus, Care Coordinator at AltaMe and Kathi Cervantes, Co-Director at Promesa Boyle Heights .
  • Bruin tank pitch competition featuring diverse founders and investors, featuring Alexa Binns, Partner at Halogen Ventures; Mary Grove, Partner at Bread and Butter Ventures; Deena Shakir, Partner at Lux Capital; and Ricardo Johnson, Partner at Healthworx as investors. Ariana Gibson, Founder of STIGMA; Christian Rivera, Founder of SmartDoctor; and Pedro Sanchez de Lozada, Founder of Candid will be pitching as startups.