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Health Surveillance Programs

Randall Kuhn

Randall Kuhn (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1999) is a demographer and sociologist who employs a wide array of research methods and data to study the social determinants of health, health program evaluation, and the health-development nexus. He has conducted seminal research on the impacts of migration on health. In Bangladesh, he leads a 35-year evaluation of the effects of randomized child and reproductive health interventions on health and socioeconomic change across generations.

Oscar Ernesto Arias

Oscar Ernesto Arias

Dr. Arias is the Assistant Director of the Southern California NIOSH Education and Research Center at UCLA. He has worked for over a decade as an occupational health physician in the Colombian oil industry where he directed, designed and implemented occupational health programs and developed and implemented surveillance programs for the prevention of tropical diseases, occupational musculoskeletal disorders, noise-induced hearing loss, absenteeism, psychosocial risks, and exposure to organic vapors.

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