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Binh Y. Goldstein

Adjunct Assistant Professor


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EpidemiologyPart Time
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Areas of Interest: 

Dr. Goldstein's research interests cover the epidemiology of cancer and sexually transmitted infections. Her work has focused on the burden assessment of top cancer killers. Her research has also focused on the molecular epidemiology of upper gastrointestinal cancers. In her research on STIs, Dr. Goldstein has assessed rates of STIs among youths in the juvenile detention facilities, incarcerated women, and performers of the adult film industry.

Dr. Goldstein completed her BA in Molecular Cell Biology in 1999 at UC Berkeley, MPH in 2001 at UCLA, and PhD in 2006 also at UCLA. She then served as an epidemiologist at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health in the Sexually Transmitted Disease Program (now the Division of HIV and STD Programs). She joined the faculty of the Department of Epidemiology in 2009.

MPH, Epidemiology, UCLA
PhD, Epidemiology, UCLA
Selected Publications: 

Rodriguez-Hart C, Chitale RA, Rigg R, Goldstein BY, Kerndt PR, Tavrow P. Sexually transmitted infection testing of adult film performers: is disease being missed? Sex Transm Dis 2012; 39(12):989-994.


Goldstein BY, Steinberg JK, Aynalem G, Kerndt PR. High chlamydia and gonorrhea incidence and reinfection among performers in the adult film industry. Sex Transm Dis 2011; 38(7):644-648.


Li Y, Chang SC, Goldstein BY, Scheider WL, Cai L, You NC, Tarleton HP, Ding B, Zhao J, Wu M, Jiang Q, Yu S, Rao J, Lu QY, Zhang ZF, Mu L. Green tea consumption, inflammation and the risk of primary hepatocellular carcinoma in a Chinese population. Cancer Epidemiol 2011; 35(4):362-368.


Goldstein BY, Chang SC, Hashibe M, La Vecchia C, Zhang ZF. Alcohol consumption and cancer of the oral cavity and pharynx from 1988 to 2008: An update. Eur J Cancer Prev 2010; 19(6):431-65.


Park SL, Bastani D, Goldstein BY, Chang SC, Cozen W, Cai L, Cordon-Cardo C, Ding B, Greenland S, He N, Hussain SK, Jiang Q, Lee YC, Liu S, Lu ML, Mack TM, Mao JT, Morgenstern H, Mu LN, Oh SS, Pantuck A, Papp JC, Rao J, Reuter VE, Tashkin DP, Wang H, You NC, Yu SZ, Zhao JK, Zhang ZF. Associations between NBS1 polymorphisms, haplotypes and smoking-related cancers. Carcinogenesis 2010; 31 (7):1264-71