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Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees

Dr. Eva Smith
Dr. Emmett Chase
Ms. Kristin Kalla

Commitment to community and human rights were highlighted in the achievements of this year’s Alumni Hall of Fame inductees, all of whom exemplify the School’s commitment to teaching, research and service.

Dr. Emmett Chase and Dr. Eva Smith, MPH 1990

Emmett Chase and Eva Smith have worked together throughout their careers to serve the Indian community. Dr. Chase was the founding CEO for the Tribal Health Program and Medical Director for the American Indian Free Clinic. He has also served as President of the Association of American Indian Physicians and as Director of the AIDS Program of the Indian Health Service. Together with the Tribal Chairman, Dr. Chase wrote the original proposal that helped Hoopa Valley gain its own acute care hospital and served nine years as the CEO of the K'ima:w Medical Center. Dr. Chase is the first California Indian and first Hoopa Valley Tribal member to become a physician and the first California Indian to complete the Preventive Medicine Residency at UCLA. Dr. Chase received his MPH in Community Health Sciences in 1990. 

Eva Smith is the Medical Director for the K'ima:w Medical Center. She began her work as Medical Officer on the White Mountain Apache Reservation in Arizona, where she served as Medical Advisor to the tribal Rainbow Alcohol Treatment Center. She later transferred to Indian Health Service Headquarters to serve as Medical Advisor to the Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Program Branch. While there, she coordinated implementation of Public Law 99-570, which more than doubled the Alcoholism and Substance Abuse budget and provided for the development of adolescent treatment centers. Dr. Smith received her MPH in Epidemiology in 1990. 

MS. kRISTIN kALLA, mph 1993

Kristin Kalla is the Senior Program Officer at the Trust Fund for Victims, which supports the International Criminal Court in The Hague to restore dignity for survivors of genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. She has a standout record of contribution in leading humanitarian, development, human rights and public health efforts in over 25 countries in conflict and post-conflict situations -- primarily in Africa for organizations such as UNICEF Ethiopia, WHO, USAID Rwanda and Uganda, and Open Society Institute Kenya, among others. Ms. Kalla received her MPH in Community Health Sciences in 1993. 

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