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Social Media Week: Kline Weinreich, Mark Warshaw, Mark Horvath, Ken Eklund, Monica Brasov-Curca

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Social Media Week Panel: Transmedia Storytelling for Good September 23, 2013 Hosted by: Department of Community Health Sciences and MPH for Health Professionals Program, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health / Weinreich Communications / Transmedia for Good SoCal.

This event explored different forms of transmedia storytelling, as it has been used to promote health and social change, as well as for educational purposes. The panel participants included Mark Warshaw (The Alchemists), Ken Eklund (Writerguy), Mark Horvath (Invisible People), and Monica Curca (Pax Manifesto), moderated by Nedra Weinreich (Weinreich Communications).


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September 2013
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