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UCLA FSPH Paul Torrens Health Forum | "The Metaverse, and its Implications for Healthy Longevity"

The metaverse is the next evolution of the internet, and will increasingly impact how people interact with the physical and virtual world. While components of the metaverse, such as augmented/virtual reality, are already helping to improve the lives of seniors by enhancing care and addressing social and emotional wellness, these solutions are only the beginning. How can the promise and potential of the metaverse help address the public health challenges of a rapidly aging global population? Please join us for a moderated panel of thought leaders to explore some of the metaverse's enabling technologies, products, services and consider ways in which it can contribute to healthier aging.

In this session, we also remember the pioneering social justice legacy of the late Fielding School professor Ruth Roemer, who used the law to improve public health and advance health equity.

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March 2022
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