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January 21, 2012 to January 27, 2012

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Environmental health: Jan. 26th's Christian Science Monitor featured an op-ed about the work of Dr. Richard Jackson, professor and chair of environmental health sciences at the School of Public Health, whose research focuses on the links between public health and the design of cities. Additional coverage of Dr. Jackson's research and new television series include an article Jan. 20th by Switchboard, and interviews in New Public Health Jan. 27th, Huffington Post Jan. 24th, Chronicle of Higher Education Jan. 22nd, and the San Francisco Gate Jan. 13th.

Designing Healthy Communities: New Public Health Q&A with Richard Jackson

Can better urban planning make us healthier?

America's Health Threat: Poor Urban Design

Designing healthy communities with Dr. Richard Jackson

Building for Health: Improving our cities, homes, and lives

Breast Cancer: A study led by Dr. Patricia Ganz, professor of health services at the School of Public Health and director of cancer prevention and control research at UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, finding that younger women with breast cancer suffer more mental distress than older women with breast cancer, drew headlines at many international media outlets. They included Dottor Salute on Jan. 26th; Il Quotidiano Italiano, Health Canal, International Federation of Gynecology, Ivanhoe News, Doctor's Lounge, Breast Cancer, ABC Salud, HemOnc Today,, Cancer Kick and Good News Health on Jan. 25th; Private MD and on Jan. 24th; Europa Press, Cancer Network, El Economista, IBL News, Atlantico, La Region, Noticias Terra, La Informacion and Psych Central on Jan. 23rd; Home Testing Blog, the French Tribune, Asian News International, Vita di Donna and One Pakistan on Jan. 21st; and ABC News, Health Day, Everyday Health and Science Codex on Jan. 20th. The Health Day story also appeared on numerous web sites and the ABC News story was featured on dozens of affiliate station web sites across the country.

Cancro al seno: qualità della vita a rischio per le giovani donne

Tumore al seno, se la donna è giovane la qualità della sua vita peggiora

Young breast cancer survivors face serious quality-of-life challenges

Breast cancer survivors 'hit harder by psychological issues when young'

Surviving Cancer at a Young Age

More Adverse QOL Issues in Young Breast Cancer Patients

Young Women With Breast Cancer Are Heavily Impacted By Weighty Issues

El cáncer de mama deteriora más la calidad de vida de las mujeres jóvenes

Younger breast cancer survivors report distress, lower quality of life

Ötven alatt nagyobb szenvedés a mellrák

Younger Patients Treated For Breast Cancer Suffer Psychological Distress

Young breast cancer patients have a harder time coping

Breast cancer more depressing for younger women

Las mujeres jóvenes con cáncer de mama tienen peor calidad de vida que las mayores

Las afectadas más jóvenes con cáncer de mama sufren más efectos adversos

Young Breast Cancer Survivors Face Psychological Distress

Breast Cancer Treatment Proves a Life Changing Element

Young breast cancer survivors face array of quality of life challenges

Cancro al seno, se la donna è giovane la qualità della vita si abbassa Young Breast Cancer Survivors Cured but Not OK

Breast Cancer Before 50 Linked to More Distress

Younger breast cancer patients have more adverse quality-of-life issues

Youth Violence: Billie Weiss, assistant researcher of epidemiology at the School of Public Health, appeared as a guest on a Jan. 19th Uprising Radio segment about a youth violence study conducted by the Violence Policy Center across 35 California counties.

New Report Details Youth Violence in California Still High Despite Some Progress

Metabolism: Fitness magazine's January issue and website featured an article that followed a writer through a program to improve her metabolism. She received testing at the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition in the School of Public Health. Dr. David Heber, director of the center and professor of medicine, was quoted.

Rev It Up: How to Reboot Your Metabolism