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Study by Dr. Ninez Ponce earns spot in "Editor's Pick" Top 10 Health Affairs studies in 2015

Dr. Ninez Ponce, professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management, was featured as an author of one of Health Affairs' top 10 publications in 2015.
Monday, February 8, 2016

Dr. Ninez Ponce, is a professor in the FSPH Department of Health Policy and Management.

From Health Affairs Blog:

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  1. English National Health Service’s Savings Plan May Have Helped Reduce The Use Of Three ‘Low-Value’ Procedures, by Sophie Coronini-Cronberg and coauthors, March 2015

  2. Early Diffusion Of Gene Expression Profiling In Breast Cancer Patients Associated With Areas Of High Income Inequality, by Ninez A. Ponce and coauthors, April 2015

  3. Geographic Variation In Potentially Avoidable Hospitalizations In France, by Gregoire Mercier and coauthors, May 2015

  4. PEPFAR Funding Associated With An Increase In Employment Among Males in Ten Sub-Saharan African Countries, by Zachary Wagner and coauthors, June 2015

  5. Teen Crashes Declined After Massachusetts Raised Penalties For Graduated Licensing Law Restricting Night Driving, by Shantha M. W. Rajaratnam and coauthors, June 2015

  6. Ambulance Diversion Associated With Reduced Access To Cardiac Technology And Increased One-Year Mortality, by Yu-Chu Shen and Renee Y. Hsia, August 2015

  7. Increasing Prescription Length Could Cut Cardiovascular Disease Burden And Produce Savings In South Africa, by Thomas Gaziano and coauthors, September 2015

  8. The Disproportionate Impact Of Dementia On Family And Unpaid Caregiving To Older Adults, by Judith D. Kasper and coauthors, October 2015

  9. High-Cost Patients Had Substantial Rates Of Leaving Medicare Advantage And Joining Traditional Medicare, by Momotazur Rahman and coauthors, October 2015

  10. Transitions Into Food Insecurity Associated With Behavioral Problems And Worse Overall Health Among Children, by Rachel Tolbert Kimbro and Justin T. Denney, November 2015


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