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"Raising Our Voices Against Discrimination—and for Public Health"

Dr. Jody Heymann, Fielding School dean and founding director of the WORLD Policy Analysis Center, and Aleta Sprague, WORLD Senior Legal Analyst, co-authored an American Journal of Public Health (AJPH) editorial calling for greater dissemination of public health research to support anti-discrimination policies. This editorial is first of a new series titled: Public Health of Consequence.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

From AJPH:

Raising Our Voices Against Discrimination—and for Public Health

By Jody Heymann MD, PhD, and Aleta Sprague JD

As public health practitioners, all of us strive to have impact, whether through research, teaching, program design, or implementation. Each of these efforts is invaluable for advancing a public health of consequence. Yet when it comes to a number of major issues affecting the health of our communities, these efforts to improve evidence and understanding will not be enough without greater public consensus about the implications for policy. In short, to be of consequence, public health findings need to be accessible and widely shared beyond universities to reach all decision makers, community members, and the full electorate.

In this editorial in the Public Health of Consequence series, we ask you to join us in committing to sharing the evidence beyond research and public health circles. In an era of “alternative facts,” it is all the more important that people who rigorously examine the issues at stake enter the public conversation.

Read the full editorial from AJPH