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Dr. Nadereh Pourat featured in guest interview for KLAW-FM about California's legislative process for developing single-payer healthcare

Dr. Nadereh Pourat, professor-in-residence and director of research at FSPH's UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, was featured June 7 in a KALW-FM guest broadcast interview about California's Senate and Assembly process for developing and passing universal single-payer healthcare in California.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

From KALW-FM broadcast interview:

Will California make single-payer healthcare a reality? On June 1st the state Senate voted in favor of single-payer health care.

The Healthy California Act now sits before the Assembly. The plan aims to provide all California residents with comprehensive universal single-payer health care and control health care costs. Implementing it could cost between $330 to $400 billion per year, about what we’re paying with private insurance. Critics say it’s “counterintuitive.” Supporters say residents and businesses would reap significant savings. How would it work?


Dr. Nadereh Pourat, director of research at UCLA’s Center for Health Policy Research

Catherine Ho, health care reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle

Interview excerpt:

Dr. Pourat: “The idea for the bill [SB 562] is not only that it’s single-payer, but it is comprehensive and will cover every California resident, regardless of citizenship, regardless of income.” 

Listen to the full interview from KALW-FM

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