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CHPR's Dr. Kathryn Kietzman comments on possibility that AHCA would threaten in-home care for disabled in California

Dr. Kathryn Kietzman, research scientist at FSPH's UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, commented May 12 in a Capital & Main article about the possibility that the AHCA would eliminate funding for in-home care to disabled groups in California.

Friday, May 12, 2017

From Capital & Main:

“AHCA could further constrain the amount of money coming from the federal government to the state, with dire consequences for recipients of [IHSS],” said Kathryn Kietzman of the University of California, Los Angeles’ Center for Health Policy Research. She has published extensively on long-term care of the needy. “That wage is providing not only for the hours of personal care, but is a contribution to put food on the table,” Kietzman said. “More and more family members are going to assume unpaid care if AHCA passes in current form.”

In-Home Supportive Services is growing at about five percent per year, Kietzman said, chiefly due to an aging population (a demographic trend not unique to California). “More demand and less money–I’m not an economist, but if you put those two together that spells trouble for [IHSS] consumers and providers, who are themselves low-income.”

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