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Slate: Why Don't Norwegians Migrate to the U.S.?

A WORLD Policy Analysis Center map was featured in a Slate article to illustrate that, from point of view of working parents, countries like Norway offer more generous paid leave plans than the U.S.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Many African countries also guarantee some paid leave to fathers, among them Algeria, Chad, Mali, Kenya, Togo, Congo, and Tanzania, as shown in this great map by UCLA’s WORLD Policy Analysis Center.

Around the world, emerging and struggling economies have achieved widespread buy-in to the idea that infant health, family life, and national prosperity benefit when mothers—and, ideally fathers—can take time to nurture a newborn without worrying about losing a job. And all these countries seem to have accepted the fact that women are in the workplace to stay and that helping women to do so also helps the economy.

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