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"Californians with no health insurance face penalties. Not everyone has to pay."

Gerald Kominski, professor of health policy and management and senior fellow at FSPH's UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, was quoted in a Los Angeles Times article, syndicated from California Healthline, on health insurance penalties and exemptions.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Californians, be warned: A new state law could make you liable for a hefty tax penalty if you do not have health insurance next year and beyond.

But the law contains several exemptions that will allow certain people to avoid the penalty, among them prisoners, low-income residents and those living abroad.

“It will be really important that people get clear guidance and instruction to make sure they don’t inadvertently pay a penalty when they are eligible for an exemption,” says Laurel Lucia, director of the Health Care Program at UC Berkeley’s Center for Labor Research and Education.