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Column: "The U.S. isn’t merely failing to deal with the coronavirus. We’re moving backward"

The Los Angeles Times interviewed Dr. David Eisenman, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health professor-in-residence of community health sciences and director of the Fielding School’s UCLA Center for Public Health and Disasters, for a piece by business columnist Michael Hiltzik about why the U.S. pandemic response is so poor compared with other nations. 

Friday, July 17, 2020

One day recently I caught up with Dr. Harvey V. Fineberg, a veteran public health expert whom I had last interviewed in April about an article he had published setting forth a program to “crush” the coronavirus in 10 weeks.

I asked him how he thought the U.S. had fared in the intervening three months.

“Those were the days,” he sighed. “You could just put today’s date on the article and reprint it.”