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AJPH October 2020 | "Katrina, Flint, COVID-19 the Root Changes Public Health Needs"

Dr. Robert Kim-Farley, Fielding School professor of community health sciences and epidemiology, was interviewed on the American Journal of Public Health Podcast about the US response to COVID-19, whether the crises of Katrina and Flint served as harbingers and the effects and the role the CDC played.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

In this podcast, we attempt to answer three questions: How effective has the US response to the Covid-19 pandemic been? Were the major but localized crises of Katrina and Flint harbingers of the generalized Covid-19 crisis? What did we learn from them to prepare for the Covid-19 pandemic and what did we miss? Third, did CDC play the role the public, the states, and scientists were expecting from it? My guests are Joe Kanter (Louisiana Department of Health), Dr. Robert Kim-Farley (UCLA and AJPH), and Wendy Parmet (Northeastern and AJPH).