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‘If we don't solve the climate issue, we won't have a habitable planet': UCLA creates new climate solutions center

KNBC-TV interviewed Dr. Jonathan Fielding, UCLA distinguished professor-in-residence of public health and medicine, about the new UCLA Center for Healthy Climate Solutions 

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

UCLA FSPH announced Wednesday that it has created the UCLA Center for Healthy Climate Solutions to combat "the most significant public health disaster we face."

"Los Angeles is a city that tackles our toughest challenges by tapping into the innovation and creativity in our own backyard, and this UCLA center will help us build a safer, cleaner and more equitable city and world," said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who is chair of C40 Cities, a global organization of almost 100 cities committed to action against climate change.

UCLA C-Solutions, as the center will be known, will collaborate with public officials and community partners, including the mayor's office, to advance research-based strategies for strengthening communities' ability to adapt to climate change's harmful health effects and slowing its impact.