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"Young Latinos are Dying of COVID at an Alarming Rate"

The Los Angeles Times interviewed Dr. Christina Ramirez, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health professor of biostatistics, about data that shows Latino Californians ages 20 to 54 have died from COVID-19 at a rate more than eight times higher than whites in the same age group. The story linked to research by Ramirez, Dr. Ron Brookmeyer, dean of the Fielding School and a distinguished professor of biostatistics; Dr. Tom Belin, professor of biostatistics; Dr. Marc Suchard, professor of biostatistics; and biostatistics researchers Jay Xu and Jarvis Chen

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Every morning, Sergio Ayala combed his daughters’ hair into twin braids, dropped them off at school and headed to work.

He loved his job as a field supervisor at his brother-in-law’s pest control company. But he wanted to own a business and was studying to become a barber. He hoped to start a college savings fund for his three girls and toddler son.

In January, that dream was cut short. His family believes he contracted the coronavirus while practicing his barbering skills in people’s homes.