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“Where are the Bottlenecks?”

CNN interviewed Dr. Robert Kim-Farley, UCLA Fielding School professor of epidemiology and community health sciences, about delays in the U.S. vaccination program

Monday, January 11, 2021

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“We did an amazing job of getting the vaccines developed at warp speed, but I think at this time, we've actually had, in terms of its distribution, a warped speed. In the sense that there have been a number of glitches. I think, firstly, there was probably a situation of over-promising and underperforming that the 20 million doses into arms was probably aspirational, by the end of December," Kim-Farley said. "But there have been a number of things that have shown the problems of our infrastructure to be able to deliver that many doses in that amount of time. Many of the persons that were in hospitals, for example, to deliver the doses, are themselves, you know, crushed with the overwhelming number of COVID cases they're trying to care for."