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"People who are Homeless are Invisible Victims of Covid-19"

STAT interviewed Dr. Randall Kuhn, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health associate professor of community health sciences, about research into whether a 32% increase in homeless deaths in Los Angeles County in March may be connected to the pandemic 

Thursday, March 11, 2021

LOS ANGELES — They are the invisible victims of Covid-19, marginalized not just in life, but also in death.

Despite the extraordinarily detailed statistics that parse the ages, races, and comorbidities of the nation’s more than 500,000 Covid deaths, no one seems to have any idea how many homeless people have died.

One attempt to track all U.S. Covid-19 homeless deaths through official records turned up just 373. “It’s absolutely a vast undercount,” said Katherine Cavanaugh, a consumer advocate with the National Health Care for the Homeless Council. “Housing status is not on any major Covid dashboard.”