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"California Coronavirus Surge may be More Like a Wave"

The Southern California News Group interviewed Dr. Paul Simon, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health professor of epidemiology and chief science officer at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, about the possibility southern California may face a surge in infections this winter

Friday, November 12, 2021

Case numbers are creeping up. Hospitalizations are creeping up. And as California gallops down the merry path toward the holidays, officials warn of yet another surge of COVID-19 cases.

But — surge? With some 74% of people ages 5 and older who’ve had at least one vaccine jab, and more than 4.7 million confirmed infections already, “surge” might not be quite the right word.

“We’re a highly vaccinated state, so we’re going to keep seeing waves,” said Dr. Julie Parsonnet, professor of medicine, epidemiology and population health at Stanford University. “The peak of the waves will get lower and lower and lower all the time.