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"When can we Start Enjoying Nightlife Again?"

Vox interviewed Dr. Pamina Gorbach, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health professor of epidemiology, on lessons learned about community response to a COVID-19 outbreak in July in Provincetown, Massachusetts

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Over the course of the last 18 or so months, I watched as my friends, and flagrantly attractive people I follow on Instagram who aren’t my friends, started picking up hobbies. Some grew plants. Others began knitting. People were reading and hiking and baking and binge-watching, seemingly making the best of a bad situation.

As much as I wanted to enjoy these appropriate pandemic hobbies, I found myself wanting to pass the time only one way: dancing to the disco hit “Rasputin” in a crowd of people — preferably, but not limited to, gay men. This has been an elaborate yearning in my soul.

Previously, I wasn’t that deeply invested in going out. I don’t know how this desire started, or why, beyond the addictive hook, “Rasputin” is my song of choice. I can’t explain the logistics of this intense personal fantasy.