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"Eight Things You Should Do if You've Just Tested Positive for COVID—and Four You Shouldn't"

EatingWell interviewed Dr. Timothy Brewer, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health professor of epidemiology, about what someone who has tested positive for COVID should and shouldn’t do

Friday, September 24, 2021

So your test came back, and you have COVID-19. Though the coronavirus pandemic has been going on for nearly two years, we can't blame you for being confused about what your next steps are, especially with all the misinformation out there.

Don't worry. We spoke to two medical experts and have distilled advice on what to do—and what not to do—when you're infected with the coronavirus.

1. Isolate immediately. Go home right away and don't see anyone. You're now officially in isolation. (Though most people use the words interchangeably, medical professionals use the word "isolation" for people who are infected with a contagious disease, while "quarantine" is for people who aren't sure if they're infected or not.)