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"The U.S. has Terrible Family Policies. How do Expats Fare Abroad?

The Guardian interviewed Dr. Jody Heymann, a UCLA distinguished professor of public health, public policy, and medicine, on how American expatriates living abroad use the family leave policies of those nations, and how they compare to policies in the United States, including pending legislation that could add up to 12 weeks of paid leave, at a cap of $4,000 a month, for American families

Monday, September 27, 2021

Congress is expected to vote soon on legislation that could reshape the US social safety net by making childcare more affordable and introducing paid parental, medical and caregiving leave.

It would be a dramatic overhaul in a county where parents are often expected to return to work soon after giving birth and spend on average more than $9,000 a year on childcare. But some Americans have already experienced versions of the proposed policies because they live abroad.

The Guardian spoke with three of those parents about living in places where, like most of the world, paid parental leave is a fact of life and childcare can cost less than groceries.