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"Shanghai Locks Down, but Experts ask how Else China Could Combat COVID"

NPR cited an essay by Dr. Zuo-Feng Zhang, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health chair and distinguished professor of epidemiology, about the state of the pandemic response in Shanghai, a city of 25 million

Friday, April 1, 2022

The affluent city of Shanghai is going through a staggered lockdown this week as it battles its biggest surge of COVID cases in two years – more than 5,000 new case a day, a relatively huge amount for a city which had enjoyed near-zero cases for the last two years.

The stringent quarantine measures include home isolation for all residents and cancellation of all public transport while authorities test all 25 million residents – first in the city's eastern Pudong district, then in western Puxi district starting Friday.

The speed at which the lockdown was announced left the city's residents scrambling to secure food and supplies. Stay-at-home orders are also limiting residents from seeking medical care unrelated to COVID.