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Branding & Logo Resources

UCLA has a new campus-wide logo system and associated branding resources which include new logos for the Fielding School. To access guidelines and resources, including branded PowerPoint templates, logos and more, please see below.


Please note that according to university policy, use of any Fielding School logo requires a minimum of written (email) approval from the Office of Marketing and Communications. For most projects, additional review by UCLA, via the system, is required. Please incorporate as long a lead time as possible for your project, but keep in mind that the marks process usually takes a week or more.

Before you begin your project, please read the information below carefully and reach out to the Office of Marketing and Communications with any questions; we're happy to help. You may also refer to UCLA's branding website


UCLA has a new campus-wide logo system and associated branding resources. Some FSPH logo use projects now require a UCLA review process (the 'marks' system) in addition to the FSPH Office of Marketing and Communications process described above. Any use of the FSPH logo requires written permission in advance of use. The logos and review systems are new and campus-wide, so please allow as much review time as is possible for your project.

To follow below are answers to some commonly asked questions, but please keep in mind that use of the logo on a product, third-party use (collaboration with any non-FSPH group) and any other use of the FSPH logo requires formal permission.

  • Would you like to print an FSPH logo on a branded consumer product, such as a hat, t-shirt or lunch bag? If so, your project will require a UCLA review process in addition to the Office of Marketing and Communications reviewing your project. Please submit your request on the UCLA website Note that this process is required for all FSPH offices, departments, student groups, graduate groups, and other affiliated entities. 

  • Will your product be used for solicitation and/or fundraising? Please submit your request on the UCLA website Please note that this process is required for all FSPH offices, departments, student groups, graduate groups, and other affiliated entities. Please allow for maximum review time for a fundraising/solicitation product review process as it involves review by the Office of Marketing and Communications, the Office of Development and Alumni Affairs, and UCLA.

  • Do you need to gain access to an FSPH academic department logo? Please contact the appropriate academic department.

  • Are you looking for an FSPH center logo? The delivery date of FSPH center logos from UCLA Marketing is unknown. Please check back soon.

  • Will your product be created by FSPH faculty or staff for purposes other than what has been described above? Please download the placeholder logo file available below and add it to your design draft. Be sure to follow the guidelines pertaining to the background color, minimum clearance space and minimum logo size as instructed on the UCLA Strategic Communications website. Once your draft project is ready for review, send your design draft with a short explanation of your project to

  • Any proposed logo use that includes a non-UCLA, third-party (e.g. sponsorship acknowledgements or co-branding) require additional approval and must be submitted for review at   

Note that UCLA has specific requirements related to, for example, the minimum size of the school or department logo on a document or item and, seperately, the minimum amount of white space that surrounds the logo. Please see this page on UCLA's website which provides the technical specifications. You may also refer to the following resources for assistance:

*Placeholder UCLA Fielding School of Public Health logo*
Download the placeholder logo of the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health.

If an academic department logo is needed, please contact the appropriate academic department. 


The Fielding School of Public Health uses the following UCLA-approved primary colors for print and digital materials:


Pantone: 2383C
CMYK: 83, 40, 3, 6
Hex: #2774AE
RGB: 39, 116, 174
Pantone: 109C
CMYK: 0, 9, 100, 0
Hex: #FBD100
RGB: 255, 209, 0
Darkest Blue 
*This is a secondary color and should only be used as such.
Pantone: 302C
CMYK: 100, 48, 12, 58
Hex: #003B5C
RGB: 0, 59, 92







For guidance regarding supplemental/tertiary colors, please contact to ensure ADA and university compliance.


The Office of Marketing and Communications does not have icons for use in presentations, posters and other materials, but we reccomend visiting the website for free icons.


For official Fielding School materials, the following UCLA-approved fonts must be used:

Karbon, Arial, Helvetica 

More information can be found here on UCLA's website.


FSPH faculty and staff may use Fielding School-branded stationery and envelopes for approved, official written communications. School and academic department digital stationery is currently available for use. Printed stationery and envelopes require purchase by the appropriate department or office.

To obtain a digital version of school stationery or department stationery, please contact the appropriate representative in your academic department or office. To order printed stationery with the school logo or academic department logo, please contact the appropriate representative in your department or office. 

UCLA’s authorized stationery printer is Castle Press. Note that while it is possible to order printed stationery with an academic department logo at the top, the university requires that all envelopes include only the school's logo.


Current Fielding School faculty, staff, graduate students and post-doctoral scholars may request business cards from their appropriate department or office representative. Business card orders are to be placed with UCLA-approved vendor Castle Press.

The university requires that all business cards are horizontally-oriented (landscape design). UCLA does not allow academic department logos to be used for business cards; the school logo is used instead. 

Fielding School students must receive permission from their academic department representative for business cards to be issued in their name. Student business cards must indicate clearly that the student is currently enrolled in the Fielding School, using the following system:

Vicky Zhang
MPH Student

Department of Health Policy and Management
Class of ’21
(The student’s email address must be UCLA issued, such as or


Fielding School faculty and staff are welcome to use the FSPH PowerPoint templates for official and approved presentations. The PowerPoint templates are available here.

To assist with event and marketing needs, UCLA now offers branded templates. Visit the UCLA brand website to learn more. These templates, in most instances, may be used with school or department-level logos. The review processes listed above apply.


Fielding School faculty and staff are encouraged to use this email signature template.

Need help setting up your signature? Contact FPSH's digital content manager.


The following Zoom backgrounds are available for Fielding School students, faculty and staff, including FSPH-branded and UCLA campus visuals. The Zoom backgrounds are available here.



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