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There's a lack of US leadership on breastfeeding

In his latest op-ed for The Hill, Dr. Jonathan Fielding, professor-in-residence of health policy and management, states that U.S. leadership needs to actively support breastfeeding, both in domestic and international health policy making.   

Monday, August 20, 2018

In July, the World Health Assembly in Geneva made news when delegates passed a resolution promoting breastfeeding. The controversy wasn’t that the resolution passed (it was expected to, without fanfare), but rather that it almost didn’t due to the energetic efforts of a surprising antagonist.

The U.S. delegation — ignoring all scientific evidence proving the benefits of breastfeeding — pushed for the removal of language asking governments to “promote, support, and protect” breastfeeding

They also wanted another clause struck that urged policymakers to restrict promotion of food products that global public health officials have identified as having deleterious health effects on infants.

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